done all the 3D Crowd replication


3D Crowd replication


3D Crowd replication

„Europa Park“

Blue Fire Rollercoaster

„24-7 Metermanager“


„Fiat 500c“

„die Deutschen 2“

done all the 3D Crowd replication

Battle Crecy 1

3D Crowd replication

Battle Crecy 2

3D Crowd replication

„die Deutschen“

a TV production of ZDF
1000 year histroy documentation to show in a row of 10 series
the development of multiple tribes to one nation.

done all the 3D Crowd replication
(largest scene included 125000 charakters )
Link to ZDF „die Deutschen“
Link to ZDF „die Deutschen“ making of

-Episode 2:


3D Crowd replication

-Episode 6:

Schlachtordnung 1

3D Crowd replication

Schlachtordnung 2

3D Crowd replication

-Episode 7:


3D Crowd replication

Sachsen 01

3D Crowd replication

Sachsen 02

3D Crowd replication

-Episode 8:


3D Crowd replication


A TV commercial for Ariel


Opener for German TV-Station „ZDF“

„Blood Rayne“

special – effects for some shots of Uwe Bolls Cinematic Film“Blood Rayne“

„Alone in the Dark“

Special Effekts for some shots of Uwe Bolls Cinematic Film“Allone in The Dark“


Cinematic opener for the „Kinowelt“ film „Gripsholm“

„Old Horse“

Production about the old horse for BBC

„Kaliber Deluxe“

A Logo Production with transition into the Cinematic Film“Kaliber Deluxe“


A TV commercial for Pampers


commercial for new Product of Lebniz-cookie


A commercial for a new Medicament of Stada


A Building Visualisation for a German Bank
also Visualized in Quake Engine

„Insect Demo“

A 3D Insect Visuallistion Demo


Eine Fehrnseh-Werbung für Merziger

Frucht Demo

Merziger Friends 1

Merziger Friends 21

Merziger Simpsons 1

„Ehrmann – Knister Spaß“

A TV commercial for Ehrmann


„Expo Visualisation 2000 & Astrium“

Expo Visualisation 2000 is a 72 seconds clip is an excerpt from nine
animation sequences created for the world exhibition 2000 in Hannover,
featuring the Rover Sojourner Mars mission.
They were projected on a 70 by 10 meter large screen.
Astrium is a Space travel visualisation for a planed Astrium Project


3D animated cinema commercial for a german bank

„Harte Brötchen“

One of our visual effect shots for the TV movie Harte Broetchen
On air in Germany:Wednesday, 17. July 2002, 20:15, ARD


Opener for a german TV Gameshowcombining live action footage
with 3D animation.

„Hagenfilm GmbH“

Innovations:Visual Effects for Corporate film for Division Pigments
Additives of Clariant AG WorldMedia Festival Hamburg
intermedia-globe Grand Prix 2003 – best film of Festival

„Porsche Cayenne & Porsche Boxster“

Excerpts from the Porsche film “Quotations”.Animago Award 2003,
1. Award Image & indutrial Clips

„Lucky Strike“

„Der falsche Film“; A one minute commercial for Lucky Strike
produced in film resolution for cinematic release in Germany.
Golden award of montreux / Finalist


A three minute animated short featuring the dancing Baby.
Film version of the 1999 award wining short.

„ZDF – Goldene Kamera“

A Pokal Visualisation for a TV show

„Sportler des Jahres“

A Sport Event Pokal Visualisation for a TV show

„Aktion Mensch“

Lottery show with Thomas Gotschalk in VirtualEnviroment