“Demo-Reel” 2007


done all the 3D Crowd replication


3D Crowd replication


3D Crowd replication

“die Deutschen”

a TV production of ZDF
1000 year histroy documentation to show in a row of 10 series
the development of multiple tribes to one nation.

done all the 3D Crowd replication
(largest scene included 125000 charakters )
Link to ZDF “die Deutschen”
Link to ZDF “die Deutschen” making of

-Episode 2:


3D Crowd replication

-Episode 6:

Schlachtordnung 1

3D Crowd replication

Schlachtordnung 2

3D Crowd replication

-Episode 7:


3D Crowd replication

Sachsen 01

3D Crowd replication

Sachsen 02

3D Crowd replication

-Episode 8:


3D Crowd replication

“die Deutschen 2”

done all the 3D Crowd replication

Battle Crecy 1

3D Crowd replication

Battle Crecy 2

3D Crowd replication

“Motorboat Water Simulation Test”


Eine Fehrnseh-Werbung für Merziger

Frucht Demo

Merziger Friends 1

Merziger Friends 21

Merziger Simpsons 1

“Alone in the Dark”

Special Effekts for some shots of Uwe Bolls Cinematic Film”Allone in The Dark”

“Blood Rayne”

special – effects for some shots of Uwe Bolls Cinematic Film”Blood Rayne”

“Old Horse”

Production about the old horse for BBC

“Europa Park”

Blue Fire Rollercoaster

“24-7 Metermanager”

“Expo Visualisation 2000 & Astrium”

Expo Visualisation 2000 is a 72 seconds clip is an excerpt from nine
animation sequences created for the world exhibition 2000 in Hannover,
featuring the Rover Sojourner Mars mission.
They were projected on a 70 by 10 meter large screen.
Astrium is a Space travel visualisation for a planed Astrium Project

“Harte Brötchen”

One of our visual effect shots for the TV movie Harte Broetchen
On air in Germany:Wednesday, 17. July 2002, 20:15, ARD


commercial for new Product of Lebniz-cookie

“Porsche Cayenne & Porsche Boxster”

Excerpts from the Porsche film “Quotations”.Animago Award 2003,
1. Award Image & indutrial Clips

“Hagenfilm GmbH”

Innovations:Visual Effects for Corporate film for Division Pigments
Additives of Clariant AG WorldMedia Festival Hamburg
intermedia-globe Grand Prix 2003 – best film of Festival


A three minute animated short featuring the dancing Baby.
Film version of the 2002 award wining short.


“Insect Demo”

A 3D Insect Visuallistion Demo

“Fiat 500c”



A TV commercial for Ariel


Opener for German TV-Station “ZDF”


Cinematic opener for the “Kinowelt” film “Gripsholm”

“Kaliber Deluxe”

A Logo Production with transition into the Cinematic Film”Kaliber Deluxe”


A TV commercial for Pampers


A commercial for a new Medicament of Stada


A Building Visualisation for a German Bank
also Visualized in Quake Engine

“Ehrmann – Knister Spaß”

A TV commercial for Ehrmann



3D animated cinema commercial for a german bank


Opener for a german TV Gameshowcombining live action footage
with 3D animation.

“Lucky Strike”

“Der falsche Film”; A one minute commercial for Lucky Strike
produced in film resolution for cinematic release in Germany.
Golden award of montreux / Finalist

“ZDF – Goldene Kamera”

A Pokal Visualisation for a TV show

“Sportler des Jahres”

A Sport Event Pokal Visualisation for a TV show

“Aktion Mensch”

Lottery show with Thomas Gotschalk in VirtualEnviroment


A short Film of Maria Pichura